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A thin, bleary-eyed girl slips onto an unlit balcony. By the dim glow of the security lights, she tip-toes down the steps to the bottom row. She sets a flute case on the railing and leans way over, eying the great distance to the floor below. Stepping back, she pulls a note from her pocket. She unfolds it and lays it next to the flute case. One word at the bottom is clearly legible: GOODBYE.

Concept art by Betsy Clemons.

Concept art by Betsy Clemons.

The Balcony is an artistic short film about a girl and a boy who find hope through an anonymous duet in a darkened auditorium. The film has no dialogue and is told almost entirely through music. It has a strong suicide prevention theme without being overt and off-putting. A successful Kickstarter campaign in March raised the budget for the film, and the film can now be watched online.

Everyone on the team believes suicide prevention is an important issue that should be addressed delicately and gently. The Balcony‘s approach is not sensationalized, but thoughtful and artistic. We believe that this treatment makes the message of the film very powerful.